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Project Description


Erwin & Edwin – 4 musicians, one mission: uniting their diverse qualities to create a unique type of funky Electronic Brass Music and make the people dance!
The band’s powerful live performances make crowds jump until their sweat drops from the ceilings. On stage, Erwin & Edwin go nuts on trumpet, guitar, drums, trombone, vocals and turntables.

Erwin & Edwin’s first official release “Kobra EP” includes four punchy tracks defined by vibrant trumpets, bouncing bass-lines and massive beats.
With their second release “Moskau-Wien-Paris”, the band’s strive for danceable feelgood-tunes continues, exploring the musical essence of different European cultures.

In their first cooperation with the Austrian A-capella group Gesangskapelle Hermann, the funky track “Nudlsuppn” was born.
Together with Jazz-singer Karin Ziegelwanger, Erwin & Edwin created “Sun”, a song for beautiful summer days, letting you drift away into warm, sunny dreamlands.
In early 2015, the single “Wien feat. Alix” was released as a free download. The cooperation with the Berlin-born rapper tells the story of a German immigrant exploring a new, sometimes strange place. It reached the top 10 of the Radio Soundportal Charts and was played frequently on Radio FM4.

With the first Single of their Debut-Album, Erwin & Edwin introduced the mysterious character “FREDDY”. The band’s first LP was released in March 2016.